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Buckwheat Crepe Egg Nests

Easy, quick to make buckwheat batter spread thinly on a skillet. Add an egg to the center and fold up the edges to create a little nest for your egg. Perfect for breakfast or a light dinner.

buckwheat crepe egg nests with mixed greens

Being gluten free, I have missed out on all that is "crepes". I have envied those lacy, delicate pancakes which even the term pancake seems to deliver a sort of "heaviness"to it which is just not right. Crepe is the perfect word, so light and airy.

It wasn't until just about a couple years ago I found out there are sweet crepes, made with white flour and lightly sweetened and filled with fruit and cream and served as dessert but there are also savory crepes traditionally made with buckwheat flour and filled with eggs, or ham and cheese, or really anything you can think of and served as lunch or dinner.

buckwheat crepe egg nests with salad

Buckwheat is naturally gluten free and has a wonderful nutty flavor to it not to mention it improves heart health, reduces blood sugar, it is rich in dietary fiber, it's a source of protein, and has been said to protect against cancer. It is excellent in pancakes, bread, and anything that uses flour. Its flavor is unmistakable and the more you use it it becomes more of a familiar friend to your baking.

This recipe is excellent for really any meal and I've found that I eat it more for dinner with a light salad than I do for breakfast or lunch. The excess batter can be stored in the fridge for a later use (preferably the next few days) you just want to make sure you give it a quick whisk before pouring.

buckwheat crepe egg nests with salad



For the batter

1 1/4 cups plus 1 tbsp buckwheat flour

2 1/4 cups water

2 large eggs

1/2 tsp salt

1 tbsp melted butter, for the pan

For the nests

Eggs, however many crepes you are looking to make (1 egg per crepe)

Salad if you prefer or anything else you would like to serve it with


  1. In a large bowl, add the buckwheat flour and pour in the water while whisking.

  2. Add in the eggs and salt and whisk vigorously until completely combined. When you lift the whisk the batter should drop in "ropes"

  3. Heat your skillet and get it to a nice steady heat, relatively high. Using a brush, lightly coat the pan in the melted butter, you'll need to reapply so don't use all of it in one go.

  4. Pour about 1/4 cup of batter directly into the center and either rotate the pan until the batter is evenly spread or I like to use a long frosting spatula and spread the batter out.

  5. It will cook quickly, crack your egg in the center and very carefully and deftly, fold up each edge to hold the egg in the center like a little nest. Pat a little more butter on each side and put a lid over top to cook the egg. This will go very fast and the folding of the edges can take a little practice.

  6. Move to a plate once egg is cooked to your preference, crack some fresh pepper on top and add a little mixed greens.

  7. I like to brush more butter into the pan for each crepe to make sure they don't stick.

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